Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hyoju's Wedding

So one of my wife's friends really liked our wedding invites and commissioned me to do one for her wedding. They are both Korean, hence why they are both wearing traditional Korean dress. Actually, they are wearing the clothes that Korean royalty used to wear. I'm not sure what the flowers are, I drew them from some pictures she showed me.

I haven't seen the final invites for these, something I'm anxious to see! Anyone else out there getting married? ;)

Do the Rockaway

Just a little something silly/gross to break up the monotony.

#13 Legion #14 Miranda #15 Mordin

Two Roses

And this was the back cover of the invites, it's made up of roses (national flower of England), and the rose of Sharon (the national flower of Korea). There are seven of each.

A Lady and a Gentleman

Hey, so I go married! In September of this year, to my beautiful wife here in Korea. This is the cover I did for our wedding invites. I actually designed the whole thing so I'll try to upload a few photos of the printed ones to. I'm really happy with how they came out.

Anyway she's Korean, I'm English, hence this design.

#10 Jack #11 Jacob #12 Kasumi

#7 Tali #8 Wrex #9 Grunt

#4 Garrus #5 Kaidan #6 Liara

#3 Ashley

So, I've been rather neglecting this site as of late. But it's my New Year's resolution to draw more, and to upload more. I've got a bit of stuff that I haven't uploaded here yet, so first we have to get through the backlog!

First up: some more of these Mass Effect character cards, starting with everyone's favourite ass-kicking space lady.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

#2 Shepard (Male)

And onto male Shepard. Looking a bit beefier than the default version perhaps, more in line with the more muscular one I went for in game. Though he also had bleached blond hair and acne scars, so not quite the same.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

#1 Shepard (Female)

Recently completed Mass Effect 3. Yeah the ending was disappointing, but playing the game still inspired me to make this, perhaps the first in a series of 'cards' of all the main squad members in the game.